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1. A: I ___d that you would be happy about your promotion. B: Oh, yes, I am happy. It's just that I didn't get a raise.
3. The ___ for your health insurance is $100 a month; that does not include your co-pay.
5. A donation that you make to a charitable organization is usually tax-___.
7. Begin a sentence with a capital letter and end it with a ___, question mark, or exclamation mark.
9. AIG is a huge ___ company that was bailed out by American taxpayers. (Who insures the insurers?)
12. The ___ high temperature in Santa Monica, California during July is only 70 degrees.
13. Many swear that Babe ___ was the greatest baseball player of all time.
14. Saying something ___ is like locking your keys in your car--you realize you did it a second too late.
15. The ___ woman was stabbed by her angry ex-husband. She died, but the unborn baby survived.
16. Biola ___ in La Mirada, California is a private Christian school with a smoke-free campus.


1. The new four-story parking structure was a welcome ___ to the campus.
2. With great ___, the firefighters carried the body of the female police officer out of the train wreck.
4. If you make a ___ while typing on a computer, it's easy to correct.
6. The ___ for visiting my doctor keeps rising. Two years ago it was $10; today it's $20.
8. My boss gave me a promotion, but didn't give me a ___. (More responsibility, same pay--what good is that?)
10. ___, when I saw you kissing that woman, I thought she was your girlfriend or wife.
11. There was no ___ of the accident in the local newspaper.
12. Staying out of the woods is an excellent way to ___ poison ivy.