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1. The cell phone contract is only $20 a month, but certain ___ions apply.(Read the fine print.)
3. Baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers was very proud of his ___bar moustache.
5. "Hey, Mabel--Black ___!" was the slogan for Carling's popular Black ___ beer many years ago.
6. Many people think that flossing is such a ___ that they don't bother doing it.
8. The cold ___ in May caught everyone by surprise--they had already put their winter clothes away.
10. Even a ___ leak can sink the biggest ship.
11. He ___d the soapy rag out with the water from the hose.
13. The electrical ___ was loose, so he tightened it against the wall by turning the two little screws.
14. Changing the bag on the ___ cleaner was a real hassle.
15. The grit and little stones from the gravel truck were banging on his car hood and ___.
17. The vacuum cleaner's paper ___ needed replacing once a year.
18. You'll have to take the makeup exam; ___, you won't pass the course.
19. The talk show host ___ged his guest's web site so listeners could get more information.


1. "Please ___ me, let me go, For I don't love you anymore." --Lyrics, Englebert Humperdinck.
2. Pull the emergency ___ on the subway only if it's a life or death situation.
4. The ___ sweater was heavy, but it was also warm.
7. A ___y filter needs replacing.
9. He ___ed his heart out to her, but she wasn't interested in him anymore.
11. Parents try to ___ their kids so that they will be honest, hard-working, and successful.
12. J.H. ___ was a rear admiral in the navy and the first governor of the Virgin Islands.
15. How much do you ___? You look like you've lost some ___t.
16. The ___ is in the details. --Popular expression.