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1. ___, Alabama, has a monument to the boll weevil in the middle of the city.
4. He ___ed the ladder so that it would reach the top of the building.
5. He was arrested for ___ after cops caught him scratching his initials into the storefront glass.
6. ___ Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.
7. The ___ is always right. --Popular expression (many years ago).
8. I didn't mean to drop your vase--it was an ___. Please forgive me.
11. He signed the ___ on the contract; if he had an accident, he would pay for all damages to the rental car by himself.
14. ___ ___ sells CDs, DVDs, appliances, and electronic goods; it also has a Geek Squad to fix your computer.
15. The billionaire lost a ___ when his company's stock lost 50 percent of its value.
18. The shopping cart rolled into the car, but there was no ___ to the car (or the cart).
21. ___ is Arizona's second largest city and the home of the University of Arizona.
22. ___ by employees is one of the biggest problems that corporations have.
23. ___ is a popular car made by General Motors; its models included the ___ Riviera, Park Avenue, Skylark, and Regal.
24. Water boils faster if you ___ the pot with a lid.


2. AIG (American International Group, Inc.) is the largest ___ company in the world.
3. The sharp drop in the stock markets worldwide was matched by a sharp ___ in gas prices.
9. "What a ___!" complained the man after paying $300 for the phone only to discover it had no keypad.
10. He decided to travel to Tucson in a ___ car instead of his own car.
12. "Saving Private ___" (1998), starring Tom Hanks, is a World War II movie about a group of soldiers trying to save a paratrooper
13. ___ headquarters for Wal-Mart is in Bentonville, Arkansas.
14. Don't rush me--I'm on the phone. ___, the movie starts at 8:00, and it's only 5:30.
16. Teach your children to have a healthy ___ of crossing the street. (Always look both ways first!)
17. She asked the manager to disconnect her gas ___ because she worried that it might cause a fire during the winter.
19. The FBI ___s removed all the computers and paperwork from the suspect's office.
20. He went to the local ___yard to see if he could find four hubcaps for his car.