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2. Her constant ___ness ruined the relationship; she always suspected him of cheating on her.
5. I know you just ran a marathon. So please put your ___ shirt, shorts, and socks into the washer, not on the floor.
6. I must ___--I have been in love with you since the first day I saw you.
10. Four laps around the ___ equals one mile.
12. It was a ___ to the finish--the brown horse beat the gray horse by a neck.
13. The fans ___ed wildly as the slugger hit a home run to win the game by one run.
14. ___ ___ is a southern beach city and is the second largest city in California.
16. Drug ___ion is easier now that officials are using dogs.
17. The computer ___ in the dog enabled the veterinarian to contact the owner.
19. Circuit City and Best Buy are retail stores that specialize in ___ goods.
22. A ___ runner who finishes the 26 miles in less than 3 hours is in great shape.
23. His mantel over the fireplace held his only ___--it was for a hole in one at DeBell Golf Course.


1. His shameful crime ___d the family's good name--his father never spoke to him again.
3. Little boys don't need tissues for their runny noses--they use their shirt or jacket ___s.
4. "Hammering ___" Aaron broke Babe Ruth's home run record (714) in a game against the Dodgers.
6. A ___ is a popular dark green vegetable used in salads and for making pickles.
7. He wore a big ___ hat which kept the sun off his forehead and the back of his neck.
8. The icon on your computer's desktop with a little arrow in it is called a ___.
9. Gang bangers moved in next door to her; all she could do was ___ and bear it. (And look for a new apartment.)
11. Can't find your keys? Forgot about that appointment? Perhaps you should get help from the Association of Professional ___s (
15. The web site requested that he enter his email address and then ___ it by entering it again.
18. JFK went to West ___, Germany in 1963 to proclaim that he was a "___er."
20. Some women look sexy in their ___ stockings.
21. "___ers" is a popular TV series; if you think your boyfriend is ___ing on you, the TV crew will catch him in the act.