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3. Manufacturers sell toilet ___ in one-ply and two-ply versions.
5. ___ Sr. and ___ Jr. might go down in history as the worst father and son presidents ever.
7. The CEO and upper ___ had no idea of the economic trouble that their financial firm was in.
8. "Promises" is a popular and expensive facility in Malibu that offers ___ programs for drug addiction.
9. A vice admiral has a higher rank than a ___ admiral.
11. ___ ___, home of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz, is the fourth largest city in California.
14. Fill out the form and then ___ it to the agency.
17. Dogs are usually ___ to please their owners; cats could care less.
18. The US is producing too much trash; it's only a matter of time before all the ___s are full. Then what?
21. Don't ___ yourself for feeding and clothing your kids--that's what a parent is supposed to do.
23. He's a big guy, but he's also a big ___--he doesn't know his butt from his elbow.
24. Imagine--you learned your native language without using a ___ or a translator.
25. Dick ___ is a famous TV and radio personality who hosted "American Bandstand" for 30 years.


1. Most people know the names of only a few ___ parts--such as root, leaf, and stem.
2. The size of the ___ depends on the animal--cats, for example, usually have 4 to 6 newborn kittens in each ___.
4. If you don't have a fly ___, use a newspaper or a magazine to kill that fly.
6. It's a pleasure and an ___ to meet you.
9. Oh, no! I spilled the wine on my new dress--it's ___ed!
10. If you want to download software or games, you have to go ___.
12. The ___ for Yes on Proposition 8 said he was attacked by an ___ for No on Proposition 8.
13. The mayor ___d to fill all the potholes in the city; he figured that would get him reelected.
15. Dart players throw darts at ___s.
16. I wish I could be a ___ on the wall so I could listen to that conversation. --Popular expression.
19. I was driving a car when you were still a baby in ___s.
20. Don't ___ your time studying a language that hardly anyone speaks.
22. The ___hole on the top of a whale's head is actually its nostril.