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4. His drunken behavior at the party was so ___ that almost everyone else left early.
8. When the woman opened her door on ___ night, a trick-or-treater robbed her.
9. ___beans are used in tofu and many meat-substitute products.
10. She had an ___ bruise where the baseball had hit her in the arm; makeup did not conceal the bruise.
13. The ___ from the oysters dripped all over his hands as he shelled them.
16. She puffed out her ___s to make her face look fat.
18. It was a ___ train accident--dead bodies and injured people were lying everywhere.
19. ___ is a teenage disease that can cause embarrassment and facial scars.
20. The survivor of the fire was badly ___ed; a helicopter transported him to the nearest ___ center.
21. He stood on his head and got ___ relief from his lower back pain.
22. People with ___ back pain have difficulty getting into and out of beds, chairs, and cars.


1. The ___s for the whiteboard were so dirty that the teacher erased the board with paper towels.
2. Joni ___ is a popular and influential Canadian singer and songwriter.
3. The attack by the man with a knife left the victim with a ___ scar on his face.
5. Because the ___ containing the cookies was ripped, they were all stale.
6. He didn't have a towel, so he wiped the sweat off his ___ with the back of his hand.
7. Fans attend ___ truck events to watch the trucks' huge tires crush cars.
11. Many Americans are obese; they need to lose ___t.
12. Many movie fans attend any movie ___ Tom Hanks or Angelina Jolie.
14. The usher walked up and down the theater ___s to guide people to empty seats.
15. She regularly gets ___ treatments at the beauty salon; first, they put a hot towel on her face.
16. Scientists predict that our galaxy will ___ with another galaxy in several million years. (It will be a disaster!)
17. When you love someone, you love them ___ and all. --Popular expression.