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1. She had a nice ___ when she was young, but she has put on some weight.
3. She asked for a ___ so she could wipe the tears from her eyes.
5. I wanted to scratch his eyes out, but doing something like that is ___ me.
7. He went up and down each ___ in the grocery store looking for plastic forks.
8. Two-___ toilet paper is stronger than one-___.
13. The house ___ in a supermarket is often the same quality as the name ___s.
14. ___ lines take all the sewage to the sewage treatment plant.
16. Possessing less than an ___ of marijuana in California is a misdemeanor.
17. Malibu does not have a citywide sewage system; all the homes have their own ___ tanks.
19. She took her shoes off to walk barefoot on the soft, ___ carpeting.
20. I don't know exactly what he said; he ___ed something about getting even with someone.


2. His fancy envelopes and writing paper were ___ed with his initials.
4. She was smart and pretty--why did she ___ for him, since he was poor and ugly?
6. A ___ changes from green to yellow to brown. (Eat it when it's yellow.)
9. Milk ___ is more popular than dark ___.
10. If we ___ you for any item, we will return your money and give you the item for free.
11. It was too close to ___ a winner--the election results for mayor would not be official until the next day.
12. ___, Pennsylvania is home to the ___ Company, which makes ___ bars and ___ candy kisses.
15. The fines for traffic violations are ___d in construction zones.
18. The pregnant woman ordered an extra-___ milk shake to go with her double cheeseburger and large fries.