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1. He has an odd ___ism of squinting his eyes while he's talking.
5. The written ___ of the homeowners association ___ forbids people from hanging their clothes on the balcony.
6. It's difficult trying to ___ out the meaning of various sentences in a legal contract.
7. I ___ mean that you're overweight--I meant that you look like you've lost weight.
10. My friends told me that I was wasting my time--they said I was too old to learn English.
11. The under___ agents spent three years investigating the criminal gang of motorcycle riders.
13. I'll be with you ___; just give me a minute to brush my teeth.
16. The proposition is ___ because if you vote "yes" it means that you are against it.
17. He ___d the bank $1,000, plus 10 percent interest on the loan.
18. If you think I'm going to marry you, ___ out of your mind.


2. He couldn't find his ___ for the item, so he couldn't return it for a refund.
3. The ___ at the checkout counter asked him if he had a discount card or coupons.
4. I ___ you're angry at me for canceling our dinner date.
8. That's a ___ question--no matter how I answer it, I'll sound like I'm against religion.
9. No price ___ was on the shirt, so she took it to the clerk to ask about the price.
12. "Can you tell me the ___ of this shirt?" she asked the salesperson.
14. Pet food is on ___ 4, picnic supplies are on ___ 6, and rice is on ___ 8.
15. A ___ of peanuts at the ball park costs $5 (and it will cost more next year).