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3. Some animals and plants have a ___ smell, which is strong and distinctive.
7. His wife was also his ___ for the last 10 years of his serious illness.
9. Male viewers enjoyed looking at ___ and Mary Ann on the popular TV show "Gilligan's Island."
10. Red-haired Ginger and brunette Mary Ann were very ___ TV actresses.
11. If you ___ your sandwich with me, I'll ___ my dessert with you.
12. I appreciate your ___y, but sometimes saying nothing is better than being ___.
13. ___ Flynn was an Australian actor famous for his movie roles as an adventurous ladies' man.
16. If your ___ deodorant isn't working, try using alcohol pads or baking soda.


1. The TV announcer ___d how easy it was to use the new space-age "ShamWow" towel.
2. The school official announced that all the space within 20 feet of doors and windows was a smoke-___ zone.
4. The musky odor was a ___ that made some people crinkle their noses.
5. If you ___ a lot, you'll end up wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. (Nothing to ___ about.)
6. The man was caught trying to smuggle four ___s into the country. (One of them squawked.)
8. If no one ___s, I'm going to turn down the heat in this room; it's too warm for me.
11. The green parrots sat on the telephone line and ___ed at each other.
14. He asked her to close her eyes and not ___ them until he told her to.
15. She exercised her arms by taking 2-pound plastic ___bells with her as she walked around the block.