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2. The continuing ___ of marshland and forests is also destroying wildlife.
6. Steve Fossett disappeared without a ___. Then, months later, a hiker in the mountains found Fossett's plane.
8. Spring break results in an ___ of thousands of students at state beaches.
11. When you're reading out loud in class, you should ___ at periods and commas.
12. It used to be a sign of politeness to ___ your hat indoors.
14. The angry man seemed to be ___ on starting an argument.
15. The road to hell is ___d with good intentions. --Popular expression.
16. ___ is almost twice as big as Canada, the US, China, or Brazil.
17. The goal of many Americans is to ___ as much money, property, and other possessions as possible.
20. Fire will not less of a ___ to your home if you take the advice of your local fire department.
21. Soldiers often used a ___thrower against enemy soldiers in World War II.
25. The more ___s you have, the bigger your family is. (And the less you get to eat.)
26. You're so ___. You have no friends; you don't even want any friends. How ___ is that?
28. The pigeon was sitting high atop the cathedral ___.
29. Politicians try to dig up ___ about their opponents and make it public.


1. Every month, more and more people go shopping on the ___ instead of at the local mall.
3. Sculptors create ___s of famous men and women. (Pigeons love ___s.)
4. He is not much of a drinker; ___ly, he will have a glass of wine.
5. The officer asked her if she could ___ the thief, but she said it was too dark.
7. I will ___ you to the shopping mall if you will ___ me to the ball game.
9. After hundreds of infants got sick, the government ___ned the use of the chemical in all human and animal food products.
10. If you hire a ___or to build or remodel your house, make sure he is licensed and bonded.
13. The tiny electrical wires in this device are half the ___ of a human hair.
18. Bruce Johnson couldn't breathe properly at night, so he ___ed Breathe Right nasal strips. (And made a fortune.)
19. Smokey the Bear used to tell the public, "Only YOU can ___ wildfires."
22. The Metropolitan ___ of Art and the ___ of Television and Radio are two popular ___s in New York City.
23. The private ___ stepped forward when the sergeant asked someone to volunteer for a dangerous mission.
24. Just a ___ speck of dust can cause problems in a clean lab that does scientific experiments.
27. The lion ___ed at the hyenas that were approaching, but they did not run away.