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2. He could hear the wolves ___ing at the moon.
6. Many TV weathermen went to school to become ___s before they started working on TV or the radio.
8. They keep rebuilding the city of ___ ___ after major hurricanes; maybe it's time to let Mother Nature reclaim that part of Louisiana.
9. The ___ from the hurricane is scattered all over the city; it will take years to clean it all up.
12. Officials ___ that the cost to repair the hurricane damage will be at least $1 billion.
16. Hurricane ___ hit New Orleans in 2005; the damage estimate is $80 billion.
18. ___, a country that used to be called Burma, is in southeast Asia.
19. "This is the way the world ends, Not with a ___ but a whimper." --"The Hollow Men" (famous poem by T.S. Eliot)


1. Our vacation was ruined by the cold and rainy ___.
3. The ___ing on the sign said: "Do not eat fish caught from this pier."
4. If you have a boating accident and are wearing a life jacket, you will ___ long enough to be saved.
5. The ___ of the Amazon forest is permanent--we cannot bring back the jungles and the animals.
7. There were no ___s from the plane crash--all six passengers and the pilot died.
10. After ___ Airlines raised its prices, so did Delta and most of the other airlines.
11. If you continue to argue about unimportant things, you will ___ your relationship with her.
13. When the wind speed of a ___ gets fast enough, it's called a hurricane (in the Atlantic) or typhoon (in the Pacific).
14. ___, American, United, and Southwest are some of America's most popular airline companies.
15. She ___ed the cookies when she accidentally put her books on top of them.
17. Butter comes in sticks; soft butter comes in ___s.
18. ___ = miles per hour or miles an hour.