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2. When the economy is bad, fewer people have elective ___, such as liposuction and facelifts.
3. You must be able to ___ a sense of calmness during an emergency.
4. It's difficult to ___ the data on your computer if it gets wiped out, so always back up everything.
8. Claire ___ was an American who stayed busy as an actress for almost 70 years.
9. Fortunately, the lump in her breast was ___; there was no evidence of cancer.
10. In the War of 1812, the US fought Great ___ and its colonies in Canada.
12. The chess ___ planned to capture his opponent's rook on his next move.
13. Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov are ___s in the game of chess.
14. If you can't make it to the race track, call your local ___ to make a bet for you.
17. Brain cancer is often deadly because detecting and removing all of the ___ is difficult.
18. It was just a ___ of luck that she called before he left for the airport.
19. He was the ___er in the clubhouse, but six golfers on the course still had a chance to beat him.
20. All the workers liked the plant ___r; he was like a father to all of them.
21. Your ___ is a big muscle that enables you to breathe.


1. Regulation golf courses consist of 18 holes--each hole is a ___ 3, ___ 4, or ___ 5.
2. The Baltimore brain ___ was a migrant worker only 20 years ago.
3. The ___ golf tournament occurs each spring in Augusta, Georgia; it is part of golf's Grand Slam.
5. ___, they both got letters from their bank saying that their credit limit was increased to $5,000.
6. You can't ___ your boat if you don't have a paddle or two.
7. A: Who won the golf ___? B: I don't know. Who won the tennis ___?
11. If he's only 55, then he's 6 years my ___; I thought he was older than me!
15. Has it ___red to you that I might be a little hungry since I've eaten only a bagel all day?
16. The southern state of ___ is between Alabama and South Carolina.