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2. The protesters walked up and down the streets near the Mormon temple, causing a huge ___ jam.
5. His ___ broke up with him after she saw the cheap engagement ring he had bought for her.
6. To make fresh lemonade, she ___d the juice out of ten lemons.
9. A routine plane flight in good weather ended in a ___ that killed a world-famous adventurer.
11. The dentist ___ed her tooth out and told her not to chew on that side of her mouth for two weeks.
12. ___ stapling is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of your ___ so you eat less and lose weight.
13. A popular ad slogan for the Nevada city of ___ ___ is, "What happens in ___ ___ stays in ___ ___."
14. Professional boxers often have to lose a little ___ the day before the official weigh-in.
16. If you have a problem, you want a ___. (But is a site for shopping!)
17. People like to visit with family and friends, because everyone usually has a ___ time.


1. Their ___ was an unhappy surprise, since all their friends thought they were the perfect couple.
3. It was freezing--even with his socks on and the ___s pulled over his head, he still shivered in bed.
4. Jennifer Lopez is the type of woman that every man ___s about.
6. ___ is a silent killer--if someone or something is ___ing you out, you must find a solution.
7. He doesn't have a ___ bone in his body. --Popular expression.
8. Trust is the ___ that holds relationships together.
10. The ___ you graduate from college, the ___ you can start your career.
15. Roy met his future ___ Pat on the beach at Coney Island; it was love at first sight.