21. School Boys

Jerome turned off the TV. He had just a couple of "South Park" cartoons. "South Park" an amusing series about elementary school kids living a small town in Colorado.

The first cartoon about Herman, who wanted to become strong and . He asked his mother to buy a supplement was advertised on TV. The supplement was actually but sugar, but the TV ad promised that would make you strong and muscular.

Instead, it Herman very fat. Worse, Herman refused to believe he had become fat. Even though all his were calling him Super Fat Boy, he told that he was Super Muscle Boy. Finally, when walked onto the stage to receive an award the school auditorium, the stage collapsed. Then he that maybe he WAS super fat.

The second was about a dog that followed Lenny home. loved the dog until he found out it gay. Then he hated the dog. But Big took Lenny to the city’s Home for Gay . While there, Lenny decided that it was okay be gay. When he got home, he hugged dog and took it for a walk. He ’t even mind when it sniffed other male dogs.