33. Famous Model Dies

Once in a while, someone dies and you where you were and what you were doing you heard the sad news. Thousands of people felt that way when they heard that the Anna Nicole Smith had suddenly died.

It was "tragedy that shocked the nation," according to various and radio reporters. "The nation is in mourning," same reporters claimed. She was only 39.

Her discovered her lying in bed unconscious and not . Paramedics quickly arrived and tried to revive her, it was too late. Her body was taken the morgue, where the coroner did an autopsy next day. No evidence of drugs was found. might have been a heart attack, but further was necessary.

Anna was a cover girl, a , and an actress. She married a billionaire who 89 when she was only 25. The billionaire a couple of years later.

Anna went to to get her fair share of her husband’s . The case was still unresolved when she died. it will continue after her death, because Anna a new-born daughter. The daughter might be entitled millions when the court case is finally settled. least three men have claimed to be the of this millionaire baby.