40. She Loves Her Son

Maria had to buy food for herself and son. Divorced for ten years, she was used doing the shopping for her son. He was junior in high school, which meant that he be entering college in two years. Then she be shopping only for herself. She felt sad she thought of this. She hoped that he attend the local junior college and then transfer a university. That way he could continue to at home for another two years. She loved , and dreaded the day that he would no be her daily company.

Maria drove to Costco, chain store that sold food in bulk packages. selling in bulk only, the store helps its save money. She parked far from the entrance. meant a longer walk, but also a faster from the parking lot. She grabbed one of big shopping carts outside and pushed it into store. Her purse stayed tightly hung over her . Surprisingly, the store wasn't too crowded.

In the section, she examined nine packages of seedless green before she found one that she liked. She selected some bananas, apples, and other fruit. But couldn't find her son's favorite brand of tangerines. the way home, she planned to stop at market or two until she found them.