55. Paris Goes to Jail in LA

The biggest news in the whole world occurred weeks ago when Paris Hilton was sentenced to 23 in a Los Angeles jail. The heiress the Hilton hotel fortune, who was a favorite the paparazzi, had been cited for driving on suspended license, among other things.

When the judge that she must go to jail, people everywhere their approval or disapproval. The news was on radio, TV, and the Internet. Why her situation such worldwide news mystified almost everyone. After all, only known value to society thus far had her ability to party with one boyfriend after , one week after another. As many said, she famous for being famous—nothing more.

When she finally to jail, there must have been 100 photographers pictures of her. At first, the jail officials her in a private cell, but her claustrophobia her to have panic attacks. They released her next day. The following day, however, the judge her back to jail to finish her sentence.

sheriff said she was treated like all the prisoners. She ate baloney sandwiches and other nutritious , just like the others. When she finally was from jail, at 12:01 a.m. on a Tuesday , dozens of photographers again congregated around her to the “perfect” photo. She spent the first day —and recovering—at home in her parents’ mansion.

Then she on the Larry King radio show and talked her experience. She hadn’t liked being in jail, said, but it had turned her life around. had found God, and now she was going do all she could to help needy people their lives.