59. Putting Bunny to Sleep

Jim and Alicia had two dogs – Bugs Bunny. They were both 15 years old. Bunny dying. Bugs was still healthy. They were brother sister, and had been together since birth. They never been separated for longer than a couple hours.

Jim and Alicia weren’t sure what to . The vet had told them that Bunny was pain, and might continue to suffer for as as another year. This was unacceptable to both and Alicia. So, putting Bunny to sleep now, of letting her suffer, was not an issue. , what to do about Bugs? The vet said was still healthy. He could last another two three years. But how long, they wondered, would last without his sister?

Bunny had always been ’s “big sister”; she was confident and assertive. Bugs rather timid. He didn't mind when his sister him around; she was also there for him he was feeling anxious. Bugs followed Bunny everywhere. whenever Bunny decided to sleep, Bugs always curled next to her, whether he was sleepy or .

Jim and Alicia both arrived at the same without very much discussion. When they took Bunny the vet so that she could be put sleep, Bugs went, too.