69. You’re Not My Daddy

Zach drove over to his fiancée’s place. She in China, visiting her parents. Her son Bradley 't gone with her. Bradley was a junior in school. He neither liked nor disliked Zach, even he had known Zach for three years. Zach still trying to win Bradley over. He called to tell him that he was coming over. said okay. When Zach got there, he checked of Christine’s mail to see if there were bills to pay. There were none.

He asked Bradley wanted to drive Zach's car. Bradley had driver’s permit, and was always pestering his mom let him drive her car. Bradley said all . Zach told him not to speed, but he drive anywhere he wanted. Bradley got on the freeway and headed northwest to where it meets 5. Zach gave Bradley a few driving tips: ’t drive next to big rigs, because you never when they might tip over and crush you. ’t drive behind pickup trucks with loads, because you know when something in the truck will get and come flying through your windshield.

On their back, Zach suggested that they stop at the range. He wanted to show Bradley how to golf. Bradley wasn’t enthusiastic. He preferred his video . But Bradley soon discovered that golf was fun! hit a large bucket of balls. Zach told that he had a natural swing. The next Bradley, for the first time ever, called Zach. had a few blisters on his hands; Zach that was normal. Then Bradley asked if Zach come by next Saturday so they could take drive and hit golf balls again. Zach said course, with a happy feeling in his heart.