75. A Woman Has Needs

Wally asked Anita how her daughter Heather was . Heather had always been a dutiful, loving daughter. got married about 10 years ago, at the of 23. It was the first marriage for and her husband Ben. They had two kids. seemed fine, even though Heather was the only working. Ben had gotten laid off two years . He was still looking for work.

They were because Heather’s grandma loved her to death. She bought a house for Heather as a wedding , so Ben and Heather had no mortgage to . Not one penny. Grandma asked only that Heather her twice a month. Recently, grandma had asked what was wrong with Heather. Anita said she ’t understand—nothing was wrong. “Then why hasn’t she called?” asked. Anita said she would talk to Heather.

left several messages, but Heather didn’t call back. drove over to the house. Ben was home, care of the kids.

“Where’s Heather?” Anita asked.

went to the beach,” Ben told her.

“Without and the kids?” Ben was reluctant to talk, he did. Heather had started smoking again. Even , she had found a boyfriend. She had met guy at work, and things got out of . Ben didn’t know what to do. If he for divorce, he might be out on the with two kids to support. If he didn’t a divorce, he had to live with the of being supported by a wife who was on him.

Anita was astounded at her daughter’s actions. She drove home and called her mom. said that hopefully it was just a phase Heather was going through. She told Anita to sure to remind Heather to call.