79. Six Feet Under

Six coal miners in Utah were trapped 1,500 underground when the support beams collapsed. Digging was started in an effort to rescue the six. volunteer miners risked their lives to descend down the location of the cave-in. A day later, cave-in occurred, killing three of the five would-be . All five were pulled out of the mine.

government banned any further attempts at rescue by . Instead, machines would be used to burrow into ground. Listening devices would be able to detect human activity, and probes would be able to the amount of oxygen present. Even though most figured that the original six had died almost , five more holes were dug during the next weeks in an effort to find, and deliver and water to, survivors. This effort was made difficult because searchers did not know the exact of the original cave-in.

After the fourth, fifth, sixth digs had produced no positive results, the of the mine said that was it. Enough enough. He had done all he could do, after two weeks of no food and water, was impossible that anyone could still be alive. families of the six miners were outraged, telling media that the owner had given only lip to rescue attempts. They planned to sue.