92. A Dream from Beyond (1)

I was sound asleep. My grandfather appeared in dream. He asked why I had never visited and grandma at the cemetery. He said that my mom hadn’t visited since October 4 (grandma’s ). He told me that, when I was young, had walked out into a pond and slipped water. He had rescued me. He said grandma supposed to be watching me, but that she gotten sick all of a sudden and was up. It was probably the fresh blackberries they picked and eaten earlier. Grandma had a bad .

My parents were out on a boat in pond. They did not know that grandpa had me until they got back to shore. I in a towel and my clothes were drying bushes. My brown and white Buster Brown shoes also soaked. I was only three years old, said. My parents were angry at first, but they saw that grandma was still feeling sick, forgave her.

Grandpa told me that we had picnic after that. The four of us ate chicken, potato salad, and homemade cookies. We drank . Then grandpa took me for a walk in woods (I sat on his shoulders). I saw daisies, and we picked them. When we returned, presented three daisies to mom and three to , who was finally feeling better. Grandpa said to some daisies to the gravesite. Then I woke up.