101. Love in the Hospital

Jenny was hot for Roger. They were both , and they were both married—to someone else. Jenny that the feeling was mutual; Roger had that in his eye whenever he saw her. He grabbed Jenny’s hand and pulled her aside to to her privately about something that was quite . They frequently gave each other shoulder massages. It only a matter of time, Jenny figured.
“You’d be careful,” Carol said. “You don’t think anyone noticed the two of you? It’s not like ’re being very secretive.” Carol was Jenny’s coworker and friend.
“Well, we don’t have anything to be about,” Jenny replied. “We’re not doing anything, so don’t have to be careful about anything.”
“Who you kidding? You’ve told me plenty of times hot you think Roger is. What are you to do when he gets tired of just ? You won’t be able to resist. And then, fun will be over sooner than you think. could both end up getting divorced. And then, if you married each other, how could you each other, since both of you would be ?”
Jenny told Carol that her imagination was out control. Nothing was going to happen. Just then, saw Roger walking toward them. He quietly came behind Jenny and gave her a big, tight . Jenny grinned broadly. Carol rolled her eyes and away.