114. Remember Me?

Chet and Eliot had been running around all . It had been hot. They were unshaved, and shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops. At about 6 p.m., felt like eating something. They were on south , which had several restaurants. Eliot suggested that they to the Mediterranean restaurant. “The food is good there’s lots of it,” he told Chet. It refreshingly cool inside the restaurant. They were seated a table near the front door.
Their waitress a young, pretty blonde. Chet hit on her . “Could I have you for dessert?” he asked, a big grin on his face. She smiled, said nothing. Chet told her that he was famous heart surgeon, and if she didn’t give her phone number, he would have to operate his own broken heart. She smiled again. When asked Chet and Eliot if they wanted appetizers, both realized that English was her second language.
asked her where she was from. She said was from Russia. Chet told her that her was very good. She thanked him. They had delicious meal, and Chet left the waitress a tip. She thanked him, but she still refused give him her phone number. “I have husband,” explained. “Yes, and he’s the luckiest man on ,” Chet told her. She smiled.
Outside the restaurant, kidded Eliot. “You didn’t say a word in to her. How do you expect to get with women if you don’t talk to them?” “ didn’t want to spoil your chances,” Eliot smiled.
months later, Eliot was substitute teaching for a Citizenship class. When the class ended, one student . It was the blonde waitress from the restaurant. talked to him for about five minutes about Washington. Sensing that she had something else on mind, Eliot asked her to join him for cup of coffee. She said she would love .