120. Cleaning a Dirty Plate 

It was a white, plain-looking dinner plate, with adornment. The brand name was Corelle, a popular made by Corning. On the bottom of the , in addition to “Corelle” and “Corning,” was the text: “Microwave Safe—Not for Broiler or Stovetop Use.”
now they were hard to find, all of plates were the same brand and the same . He had bought these plates, years ago, for reasons. One, food cannot easily stick to or “” on unadorned plates. Therefore, they are easier to . Two, white plates show stains more clearly than or decorated plates. Stains you can see are you can clean. He had the same philosophy silverware. He bought knives, forks, and spoons that no ornamentation.
Standing at the kitchen sink, he on the cold water faucet. He picked up dinner plate in his left hand. He grabbed pad with his right hand. Dishwashing soap was on the pad. He wet the pad and scrubbing the plate. There was a stain in middle of this plate, about six inches across. went all around the plate, just inside of the plate curved upwards.
This light brown stain been growing for months. Today, he was going get rid of it once and for all. scrubbed. He scrubbed some more. He rinsed the off. The stain was still there. He added soap to the pad. He scrubbed some more. of a sudden, because the plate and his were so soapy and he was scrubbing with force, the plate flew out of his hands. didn't land softly on the seat cushion of dining room chair. Instead, it crashed into the arm rest of the chair. Each of the pieces on the floor was about the same .