145. The Starbucks Robbery

It is a crime that is getting to common in Los Angeles. Customers are enjoying their at a restaurant. Two or more criminals stroll and start waving their guns at everyone. They that everyone put their wallets or empty their into a bag, and then the gunmen stroll . They usually wear hoodies or baseball caps with to thwart identification.

At 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, the establishment was a Starbucks. Three young men walked , emptied the cash register, robbed the employees and customers, and walked out to their stolen SUV. police were able to respond quickly. A chase with one police car ramming the SUV from on the Third Street overpass. The SUV came a stop, but, as usually happens, the three were unhurt. They immediately hopped out of the and started running in three different directions. It about 10 minutes to catch two of them; had hidden in a dumpster, and the other broken a car window and hidden in the .

The third one, instead of running, had decided was quicker to jump off the overpass onto freeway 20 feet below. He landed in an lane, but did not get up and run. did not get up at all. When police to him, he was dead. “Too bad he ’t holding hands with the other two when he ,” said one officer, who asked to remain nameless.