147. The Argument (2)

Walt finally called Lulu at 6:55 p.m. “You right, honey,” he said. “The music is not good. So let’s not go to the play, that’s all right with you.” That was great, said.
“So, let’s go to a movie,” she .
“A movie? When?”
“Right now!” she said. She all dressed up, and she was ready to somewhere! But he wasn’t. He had already decided stay in. "How about a movie tomorrow?" he .
“Tomorrow!?” she yelled over the phone. She was . Did he have any idea what a difficult she had had, trying to finish all her work so that she would be ready by p.m.? And then he had the nerve to her up at 6:55 to tell her to it? Forget it?! Had he thought about calling up earlier? Had he thought about asking her her opinion before deciding everything on his own? “ course not!” she said as she answered her question. This was just one more example, she on, of how he had absolutely no respect her, and she was tired of it. “We’re !” she shouted just before hanging up.