160. JFK Assassination 

Every November 22, people worldwide remember and ponder assassination in 1963 of President John F. Kennedy. was sitting in the back seat of a (the top was down) when bullets fired from rifle tore into him and a fellow passenger.
assassination was caught on 8mm film by Abraham . Digital enhancement of that famous film shows part Kennedy’s skull getting blown off. JFK was barely as the convertible sped to the nearest hospital; died shortly after arriving there. The damage to brain was so great that even today’s medical couldn’t have saved JFK.
Conspiracy theories have persisted the time of the assassination: the Mafia did , the Teamsters did it, the CIA/FBI/Secret Service did , Congress did it, the Federal Reserve did it, (the vice president) did it, the Communists did , the Cubans who hated Castro did it, and two guys behind the grassy knoll did it.
theorists do not believe that a lone gunman it. The lone gunman was Lee Harvey Oswald. didn’t get to say much in his defense , “I’m a patsy,” implying that he knew who did it. Two days after Oswald shot Kennedy, Ruby put a fatal bullet into Oswald.
The Commission conducted the federal government’s official investigation of ’s assassination. Its 27-volume report said that Oswald, an -Marine, acted alone in shooting JFK from a sixth window of a book storage building. But to day, and probably far into the future, many dispute this “lone gunman” theory. They believe JFK’s was a result of a conspiracy by one more groups of people who felt threatened or by JFK. The fact that Oswald was murdered accompanied by a dozen Dallas policemen only strengthens suspicions of the conspiracy theorists. The Warren report, say, is merely a government whitewash of the “” facts.