195. The Rude Golfer (1)

If he says one more thing to me, ’m going to hit him, Roy thought. Roy was about Danny, a fellow golfer he had just today. Danny was a successful orthopedist, 60 years and quite overweight. Roy was a retired Army , 80 and wiry. Roy was walking; Danny was in a golf cart.
On the second tee, stood directly behind Roy as Roy was getting to hit. Although that was bad golf etiquette, didn’t say anything. But because he was thinking Danny instead of golf, Roy hit a bad shot. Danny chuckled at Roy’s bad effort. “You have kept your head down,” Danny told Roy.
the fourth green, Danny took his glove off as Roy was getting ready to putt. Roy the glove's Velcro crackling and missed a two-foot . He glared at Danny. Danny looked straight back him. “Those short putts are the first to when you get old, right, Roy?”