221. The New Clothes (1)

“What’s the name of that store again? It with an 'A,'” Lorraine asked. Quinn didn’t know, . It was a four- or five-syllable word that ’t have anything to do with clothes. Yet it a well-known, upscale clothing chain for women.

“Why ’t they just name it something simple, like Ross for Less?” Quinn said. “Everyone can remember that !” He suggested a couple of names—Apostrophe, Apology. No, told him, neither was right. “Well,” Quinn said, “’s go to the ‘A-store,’ and then we’ll read sign and remember the name again, at least we leave the store.”

The name of the was Anthropologie. It was on South Lake. Once , Lorraine started browsing through the clothes; Quinn headed toward one of various piles of books with titles for sale. Lorraine called him over to at a pair of slacks. “How much?” she . He guessed $55. She told him they were times that much. He replied that he wouldn’t more than $25 for them. She laughed. “You’re cheap,” she said.

He picked up a book How to Act Like a Lady, and started it. It would be a good book for to practice her English and also for her learn how to act in America, her new . Lorraine came over with three tops and asked to accompany her to the dressing room area.