224. US Passports Outsourced

The federal government has decided that it’s too to print US passports in the US. Starting this year, the government will send all passports Thailand. A printing company in Thailand will print US passports at a significant savings to the taxpayer.

A radio ad in Los Angeles proclaims a citizen’s identity is stolen every 3 seconds. “ our passports is only going to make identity a bigger problem,” said an angry citizen. “What’s ? Before we know it, they’ll be printing driver’s , birth certificates, and social security cards in Thailand. will result in total chaos. Fifty people will the same passport and driver’s license.”

A US said that outsourcing is necessary because of the War. “To pay for the war, we have reduce our spending elsewhere,” he said. He said passports were only the beginning; money was next. two years from now, he said that all cash would be printed overseas. Starting three years now, he said, military vehicles and weapons would made overseas.

“The good news,” he said, “is we are going to also outsource our military . Two undeveloped countries have agreed to replace our starting four years from now. Our American soldiers gradually return to America, and these foreign soldiers do all the fighting in Iraq. This will our military costs in Iraq 90 percent, from billion monthly to only $1 billion. To further spending, of course, all the returning American soldiers be laid off.”