249. TSA’s New Policy (1) 

Brooke was pulled out of the line at because bells rang as she walked through the metal detector. Young and pretty, Brooke had body in her nose, tongue, eyebrows, and ears. Brooke escorted to a private room by Cher, a agent from the Transportation Security Administration. She watched Brooke removed all her rings and barbells. Then went back through the detector.

The bells went again. Cher accompanied Brooke back to the private . Brooke said she had forgotten about the navel . She removed the barbell in her navel and through the detector again.

The bells went off . Cher started to walk back to the private with Brooke. A male TSA agent asked Cher she needed any help. She glared at him. admitted to Cher that she had a couple piercings. Cher asked where; Brooke removed her bra. told Brooke she would have to remove the rings. Brooke easily removed one ring. She tried remove the other one; it wouldn’t budge. Cher , “Try these,” and gave Brooke a pair of . The pliers didn’t help.

Cher told Brooke that would not be allowed to board her plane. started crying. Her boyfriend in Atlanta was going be very disappointed.