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2. Saying "please" is like adding ___ to any request; it sweetens your request.
4. "I'll make him an offer he can't ___," is a famous line from the 1972 movie "The Godfather."
6. It is better to give than to ___. (Proverb)
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to have a ___ build, but in his old age he's gotten flabby.
9. ___ does not turn into fat, nor does fat turn into ___. If you want big ___s, you have to work out.
10. The Twin Towers ___d almost straight down on Sept. 11, 2001. The ___ looked like a planned implosion.
11. Scientists are pretty sure that being homosexual, or ___, is mostly genetic. People don't simply choose to be straight or ___.
13. "Don't you ___ how much I love you?" Mike said to Laura.
14. The high school ___ is often the indoor site for town meetings, concerts, and graduation ceremonies.
15. "Take a ___ of this perfume," Sara told Bob. "Do you like it?" Bob said it smelled "okay."


1. The Sunday newspaper has many full-color advertising ___ to entice readers to go shopping.
3. For years, Starbucks and Google were two companies that didn't need to ___ in order to promote business; word of mouth was all they needed.
5. ___ school is grades 1-6; it's between kindergarten and middle school.
7. Bob laughs at knock-knock jokes because he finds them ___.
10. Political ___ists use their drawing skills and their wit to make fun of politicians.
12. Every year various ___s are presented for the best political and editorial cartoons.