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1. In most two-story houses, family members have to walk ___ to sleep in the bedrooms.
3. The ___ on some jars is so tight that you have to beat it loose with a heavy spoon before you can open it.
6. Wash your hands after touching money and ___s, and after shaking hands with others.
9. The police are supposed to ___ citizens, but criminals rob, mug, rape, and murder citizens daily.
10. Most people sit while they eat, but many people stand or even ___.
11. The trash truck comes by once a week to empty the recycle ___s and the trash ___s that are parked in the street.
12. Lake Michigan divides Michigan in half; it has an upper peninsula and a ___ peninsula.
13. Thousands of soldiers died as they slowly ___ the 90 miles of the 1942 Bataan death march.
14. To help reduce ___, the city of Los Angeles has voted to ban free plastic bags starting in 2010.


2. A ___ of clothes needs to be washed; a ___ of leaves needs to be bagged and trashed.
4. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a ___." Those were Rhett Butler's last words to poor Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 movie, "Gone with the Wind."
5. When you buy ice cream in a cone, you usually pay more for each additional ___.
7. Plastic and paper are two of the most common items that everyone should ___ to help save the environment.
8. When Arnold Schwarzenegger ___s his hands for silence nowadays, many people ignore him.
10. Many people ___ like they use salt and pepper--they sprinkle their curse words on every sentence.
11. Water wears down rocks ___ by ___ over centuries.