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1. Scientists in Antarctica have to adjust to working in ___ cold weather.
4. California law forbids drivers to ___ hand-held cell phones while driving.
5. People often get into emotional instead of ___ arguments.
6. Some products are ___ for only a short time; others, like the beloved Frisbee, never go out of style.
9. In ___, Alabama, there is a statue of a lady holding a boll weevil in the center of town. Why?!
10. Never the lead actor, but always a ___ actor, Harry Dean Stanton played many marvelous roles throughout his movie career.
15. A lead actor has to be able to portray ___s so that when he laughs or cries, the audience does too.
17. "It's not exactly rocket ___," Sara said as her boyfriend tried to unhook her bra.
18. Pluto used to be the ninth ___, but astronomers downgraded it to a "plutoid." (Size does matter!)
19. Arthroscopic ___ allows surgeons to operate on patients through tiny openings that heal quickly.


1. Mankind continues to ___ the Earth and the deep blue sea, while expanding exploration to Mars and beyond.
2. People tend to ___ symptoms that might be serious medical problems.
3. "Ratatouille," a 2007 cartoon about a rat who loves to cook, won an Oscar at the ___ Awards.
7. Scientists think the ___ is about 14 billion years old; it started with the Big Bang.
8. Los Angeles might start charging callers for their 911 calls; too many non-___ calls are clogging the system.
11. A floating pile of discarded plastic ___ hundreds of miles wide drifts in the Pacific Ocean between the US and Hawaii.
12. The victim in the car accident is in ___ condition at the hospital. The drunk driver who ran into the victim doesn't have a scratch on him.
13. Nowadays a TV show has only about two dozen ___s in a season; shows used to have 39 ___s per season.
14. Mr. Spock, the ___ in the TV show "Star Trek," had special powers but no emotions.
16. The ___ that couldn't be refused in "The Godfather" was the killing of a valuable racing horse.