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1. When the word "work" is said, the lazy workers seem to ___ into thin air. (They reappear when the work is done!)
3. England's white ___s of Dover, over 300 feet high, are visible from France.
4. If you get an average score of 9.9 on an Olympic ___, you probably entered the water cleanly (among other things).
5. It's smart to ___ a wounded animal carefully; it's even smarter to simply avoid it.
9. If you want to fly like a bird, you should try to ___ ___. But get lessons first!
10. In Los Angeles, hit and run drivers ___ jail by driving away as fast as possible. Sometimes police actually catch them.
11. People who de___ their cats should have their own fingernails removed.
13. An impatient person will wait ___; then he will get tired of waiting, and leave.
17. A hang glider ___s above the terrain, getting a bird's eye view of everything.
18. Many clothes are made of ___s that don't need ironing. (Now if they can invent ___s that don't need washing!)
20. If you file the barb off a ___, it's easier to release the fish unharmed back into the water.
21. In golf, you can get a bogey, a par, a birdie, or an ___ (that's 2 under par on a hole).


2. ___, the Earth was formless, empty, and dark. Then God said, "Let there be light."
3. Vultures will ___ overhead when they see a dying animal below.
6. Your ___ is your cost of doing business. If you work from home, your ___ is much lower because you're not renting office space.
7. Summertime is a popular time for street ___ers to sell products to tourists.
8. If you don't look before you ___, you might be sorry. (You might even break your leg.)
12. Many people love to see their country's flag as it ___s in the breeze.
14. Microsoft ___ed Vista in 2007, but many people prefer the old XP to the new Vista.
15. A ___ in a farmer's crop field might ___ the birds away for a little while, but they soon realize there's nothing to fear.
16. Children often ___ one another to do something crazy or stupid.
19. She ___ped the rag in half and soaked one half in the soapy water.