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1. Sports coats occasionally have leather ___ patches which add durability and a distinctive look to the coats.
4. Children first pedal around on a ___; later, they learn how to ride a bicycle with training wheels.
5. The hare and the tortoise had a ___; the tortoise beat the overconfident hare.
7. ___ races are popular in the USA. Young men on motorcycles fly through the air on hilly, twisty race tracks.
8. Chile's extremely dry Atacama Desert covers 70,000 square miles.
9. A male gorilla pounds its ___ from time to time to let the others know who's the boss.
10. You'll be in a world of ___ if you try to take a casual stroll across a freeway.
11. Many hospitals have a landing ___ on the roof for helicopters.
12. Almost every year, one or more ___s riding in the Tour de France get kicked out of the bicycle race for using drugs.
13. An impatient passenger, angry because economy class deplaned before business class, activated and slid down the emergency ___ by himself.
14. Tiger Woods had to quit golfing for most of 2008 because of a fourth operation on his left ___.
15. In some states, you can refuse to wear a motorcycle ___, but your insurance rates are higher.


2. Trek, Bianchi, and Schwinn are popular ___ brands.
3. "The French Connection" and "Bullitt" had two of the most exciting ___ scenes in movies.
6. Every week in LA, vehicles ___ into other vehicles, into stores, into homes, and even into swimming pools.
7. Honda's Gold Wing Airbag 2008 ___ has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $24,439! (Only 2 wheels, and no roof.)
8. ___ is when the mosquitoes come out and look for humans who taste good.
11. The mission of the California Highway ___ is to provide the "highest level of safety, service, and security" to residents.