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3. The Aerie ___ and Spa in Victoria, Canada offers guests a King Suite with a soaker tub, fireplace, incredible views, and chocolate-covered strawberries.
6. Many Europeans get four weeks of ___ a year, while most Americans get only two.
8. "___ Night Live" is a popular comedy TV show that is filmed live on ___s in New York City.
10. Some people who feel ___ have a drink or two to bolster their confidence.
12. If you're going to a job interview, it's best not to wear a ___ tie. Dress conservatively.
13. Baseball announcer Vin Scully has been the ___ of the Los Angeles Dodgers for 50 years.
14. If you hear the name Tiger Woods, you automatically think of the sport of ___.
15. In the US, the ___ is Friday-Saturday. But in other parts of the world, the ___ might be Thursday-Friday, Friday-Saturday, or just Friday.
16. It will be ___ing news if we discover that adventurer Steve Fossett actually faked his death in the desert in 2007. (The insurance company is suspicious.)


1. A. Do you ___ chocolate or vanilla? B. Actually, I like them both.
2. Your ___ gets smaller as the sun gets higher.
4. ___, the numbers and kinds of animals in the jungle are disappearing.
5. "Alive" is a book and a movie about the 14 survivors of the plane that crashed into the Andes ___ in 1972.
7. Some employees ___ into thin air when they hear the word "work."
9. The cop pulled the driver over last night because his left rear ___ was not lit.
11. "You must ___ this tint from your front windows. It's against the law," the officer told the driver. "Then why do 20% of cars have it?" the driver asked.