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1. It takes about 2 years to become a ___, and the training is difficult. But you save lives at the scene of accidents!
5. A ___ is the opposite of a comedy. Shakespeare's "King Lear" is a powerful and sad ___.
6. The rich often display their ___ with expensive cars, jewelry, clothes, and homes. (Meanwhile, Bill Gates is giving it all away.)
9. A good education does not ___ you to a good job, but it usually helps you land one.
13. Paramedics have to respond quickly and correctly when treating an ___ victim.
14. A coroner's office and many hospitals contain a refrigerated ___ for dead bodies.
15. If you have no ___ that your husband is cheating on you, hire a detective! He'll find some ___.
16. Philips Electronics makes a portable defibrillator that will help you ___ someone who has had a heart attack.
17. The new portable defibrillators decide if a ___ is necessary and then deliver the electric ___ to the heart attack victim.


2. Tyra Banks has been a world famous ___ since about 1988.
3. The man ___ed that the accident had caused him to lose his sense of humor. (That's funny!)
4. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Carlos Slim are three of the world's richest ___s. (And Carlos will soon be #1.)
7. A coroner will perform an ___ on a body to determine the cause of a suspicious death.
8. Athletes in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing hope they will be able to ___ easily. (The spectators hope so, too.)
10. The woman was in ___ because her husband of 60 years had just died on the golf course.
11. Tyra Banks is not just a model--she's been on screen as an ___, too.
12. The Los Angeles County Department of ___ cremates the remains of unidentified bodies.