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1. After you ___ ___ ___, all you can think about is that special person.
3. It's ___ to remember to take the keys out of the ignition before you get out and then lock your car.
4. Teenagers who ___ ___ usually return home when they get cold or hungry.
6. Your great-grandpa might have given an inexpensive ___ ring to great-grandma as a sign of his love.
9. If you have a headache, ___ it's caused by stress. Or ___ you have a brain tumor.
11. The man got ___ when he saw his girlfriend hugging her exercise instructor.
13. People who are politically correct or just polite will ignore "the ___ in the living room."
14. If you like to ___, you should go out for the debate team.
15. Some restaurants will give you a free dessert if it's your ___. (But you have to show them your ID card.)


1. By definition, you can have only one best ___. You can have one or more good ___s, and many acquaintances.
2. People with motivation and drive don't 'let' things ___; they 'make' things ___.
5. If you could look into the ___, would you want to know how and when you will die?
7. Democrats are ___ with more taxes, while Republicans are ___ with reduced spending.
8. Alzheimer's disease will eventually destroy your ___. You won't even remember how to use a spoon.
10. The person who "___s home the bacon" is the breadwinner in the family.
12. "___ say ___" is a popular expression which makes sense yet doesn't make sense. (How can that be?)