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1. They say that a person is judged by the ___ he keeps.
5. The drunk driver's alcohol blood level was 0.491, six times the legal limit. ___, he didn't mumble or stagger.
6. Anna, Bonza, Delicious, and Fuji are all varieties of ___.
8. "Nobody goes there anymore, because it's too ___." --Yogi Berra, famous baseball player
13. Costco is a chain store where you buy food in ___, which saves large families lots of money.
14. If you ___ insects, you probably don't do much hunting, fishing, or camping.
16. Some banks are installing new ___ doors; they can actually trap a bank robber on his way out. (Criminals avoid these banks.)


2. A woman's ___ holds more than a man's four pockets. (More junk, too.)
3. The sweet ___ and the plantain are the two main varieties of ___s.
4. An American football's odd shape makes it hard to ___ and hold on to.
7. To ship a large ___, you might want to use FedEx, UPS, or DHL.
9. In 1969 California became the first state to approve no-fault ___; the new law made it easier for married couples to get ___d.
10. Many students attend junior college for two years and then ___ to a four-year college.
11. California is now internationally recognized for the fine wines that it ___s. (Even the French agree.)
12. Attending four years of college, you start out as a freshman, and then move up to sophomore, ___, and senior.
15. If you don't ___ a picture exactly horizontally, a perfectionist will make note of it. (And adjust it.)