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1. Doctors and nurses who don't wash their hands ___ might infect a patient.
5. ___s Union is a nonprofit organization that publishes "___ Reports," a monthly magazine that evaluates products and services.
7. While the dying ___ groaned on the floor of the emergency room, hospital staff walked around her.
8. Drinking water is getting ___d from all the drugs that people excrete or simply pour into their toilets.
12. You should check your tire ___ once a month with an accurate tire ___ gauge.
13. Dressing ___ in winter means wearing layers of clothing.
15. Police usually carry a pair of hand___s that they use to restrain suspects.
16. Unorganized people ___ find what they are looking for right now, but they usually find what they WERE looking for last week.
17. You can ___ others if you have tuberculosis, measles, or chicken pox.


2. Personal and oral ___ are important for your health and your social life.
3. If you have bad ___, no one wants to kiss you. (Not even your grandma.)
4. ___ conditions in the kitchen or rest rooms result in restaurants getting bad marks from the city health department.
6. A general diagnostic ___ sells for as little as $40. (You can listen to your own heartbeat.)
9. The LA policewoman was shot and killed at 6 a.m. by two ___s riding by on bicycles.
10. The drunk driver pleaded ___. It was his fourth drunk driving offense, yet he received only 6 years for killing two people in another vehicle.
11. Biological warfare, or ___ warfare, has been used for centuries to kill enemies.
14. "No Trespassing" signs ___ people to stay off a particular piece of property.