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2. The US government wants to make the world "safe for ___."
3. Bob's letters to the editor were a ___ for his views on the faltering economy.
4. The apparent ___ turned out to be a homicide; the man was pushed off the bridge, according to a witness.
5. The man, angry that his divorced wife got his money, ___ted suicide. He tied a rope around his neck and a tree, and accelerated his car.
10. US Army ___ pilots receive their "chopper" training at Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
13. Angry people commit ___ with all kinds of weapons--hands, feet, guns, knives, axes, ropes, rocks, and cars.
14. Thousands of ___s from Vietnam came to the US after the Vietnam War.
15. If you ___ about a problem long enough, you can usually figure it out. (Of course, some problems you'll never figure out.)


1. The fireman went back into the house to ___ the dog, which had saved the family by barking.
2. The ___ of the Amazon forest will result in thousands of species becoming extinct.
6. Mary thought that a bomb had gone off, but the ___ she heard was only a car that had backfired.
7. The Internet is used ___, from the top of Mt. Everest to the bottom of Death Valley.
8. A ___ person believes in God and prays to Him regularly.
9. Osama bin Laden is the number one ___ in the world, according to the US government. (Where is Osama?)
11. The Una___ was a man who lived in a log cabin in Montana and mailed letters that exploded when victims opened them.
12. The Sunnis (about 90%) and Shiites (about 10%) are the two main ___s of the Islam religion.