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1. Because the driver ___d the detour sign, he ended up driving off the end of the damaged bridge.
4. A security system will fail if it has ___ safeguards.
7. We can solve the gang problem most ___ by chopping gang members' hands off.
8. The plastic ___ helped drain fluids from the patient's body.
10. Americans are divided on many ___s, from abortion to gun control to the war in Iraq.
11. It is illegal to ___ motor oil down a storm drain. (But has anyone ever been caught?)
13. Eleanor Roosevelt's alcoholic father ___d that he would take her to Paris, but it was just an empty ___.
14. In the famous book, "Frankenstein," the ___ has no name at all; "Frankenstein" is the name of the doctor.
15. A doctor without ___ will eventually be without patients.
16. A ___ without principles will be kicked out of school.


1. Are the 15 members of the LA City Council a bunch of ___s? They protect citizens from trans-fats instead of from gang members.
2. The dog ___ed at the cat, and the cat hissed at the dog.
3. The Naval Academy graduate wanted to play pro football, but he had to ___ his 5-year military obligation first.
5. The Bush ___ was in bed with the oil companies for 8 years.
6. Without self-___ and perseverance, a person will never excel at anything.
8. The Republicans say that the US has a huge ___ of oil on the outer continental shelf that is available immediately.
9. Mary is a volunteer teaching ___ at CEC who taught English in China for 30 years. (An amazing woman.)
12. The ___ T-shirts saying "Obama Nation" were the same price as the small and medium T-shirts.