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1. Don't hit the ___ button if you hear a tornado warning; remain calm, and head for the basement with your family.
2. When an earthquake ___s, people overload the phone systems by trying to call their loved ones.
5. John McCain was a Navy fighter pilot and then became a ___ of war for almost 6 years in Vietnam.
9. Wealthy American ___es used to go to Europe in hopes of marrying men who belonged to royal families.
10. In some states, a young woman cannot get an abortion without parental ___.
11. Every year ___ Magazine lists the world's richest people and most profitable corporations.
15. Once every summer, people ___ on the Colorado Street Bridge to listen to live music and eat food prepared by local restaurants.
16. People with ___ do not feel comfortable in elevators, closets, or MRI machines.
17. The reasons for the collapse of the bridge ___ the engineers, who had examined it a month earlier.


1. The LA City Council thinks the ___ are a serious public safety hazard because they take too many pictures in traffic and congested areas.
3. The North Vietnamese offered to ___ prisoner John McCain earlier than his fellow prisoners, but he refused their offer.
4. Beverly Hills is full of ___s belonging to the rich and famous. (There are no trailers or duplexes.)
6. If you ___ your wife's bra strap, she might get angry. (She might snap something of yours.)
7. How ___ is the food you're eating? Look at the Nutrition Facts label.
8. Our red blood ___s carry oxygen, and our white blood ___s fight infection.
12. The LA County ___ said that gangs are getting out of control; he wants more prisons and more deputy ___s.
13. ___ is a meat that is delicious to eat, but it's also what politicians usually fork out.
14. People like to ___, and even sleep, in easy chairs and hammocks.