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1. You can hire a piano ___ to come to your house and adjust the pitch of your piano.
4. Lice, fleas, bedbugs, and mites are very difficult to get ___ ___.
5. Mary has a ___ with languages; she picks up a new one very easily and quickly.
7. When you ___ a check at an ATM, you no longer have to put the check into an envelope; the ATM simply scans the check.
8. An ___ TV receives an ___ signal which contains the sound and picture. (But America is switching to digital TV in 2009.)
9. Cigarette smoking is ___ to your health and the health of others nearby.
12. There are over 10,000 ___s circling the Earth--about 80% of them no longer function.
13. ___ citizens were thrilled to be hosting their first summer Olympics starting 8.8.08 at 8:08 p.m.
14. We live in a ___ world nowadays--___ cameras, ___ TV broadcasts, ___ subscriber lines, and ___ clocks.


1. With gasoline at $4 a gallon, more people are being ___y by shopping at ___ shops and dollar stores.
2. Sometimes you can improve your radio or TV ___ by moving the antenna around.
3. Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison were the two early pioneers of using ___ as a source of power and energy.
6. Many different ___s are available at, where you can convert meters to yards or pounds to kilograms.
10. Lobsters and ants and other bugs have two ___s on top of their heads.
11. When you are receiving a digital TV ___, you get 100% of the signal or 0% (nothing in between).
12. It was cold and rainy. When he realized that he just gotten a flat tire, he ___ed.