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4. ___ Woman is a comic book heroine who also became the star of a TV show in 1975.
5. ___s Bunny is a famous rabbit who starred in hundreds of funny cartoons. His favorite remark was, "What's up, doc?"
6. If we leave now, we should ___ at the airport by noon. (If there's no SigAlert.)
7. The student's grades ___ed because she was more interested in her boyfriend than in her homework.
8. If you want to move up in this company, you've got to be more___. Meekness won't get you anywhere.
10. The shy young man ___ly asked the beautiful woman if she would like to have a cup of coffee with him.
12. "Don't jump to any ___s," the man told his girlfriend as they walked into the Zales diamond store.
13. The cheap boss told the waiter to bring ___ checks for everyone at the table.


1. A good salesperson must be 100% ___ in his ability to sell.
2. A man took his sick cat to the ___ and ended up paying $4,000 to bring it back to health.
3. He was looking for a recent ___ of "The New Yorker" magazine containing an article about hospital infections.
5. His older sister ___ him around until he was 14 years old; then he showed her who was boss.
8. Bob was ___ because Sara told him that she would call as soon as she arrived home. She should have called half an hour ago.
9. He promised her that he would love her ___ ___ ___ the sky was blue, the ocean was full of fish, and the North Pole was covered with ice.
11. A pet ___ rabbit enjoys dark leafy vegetables and carrots. Also, it needs plenty of fiber.
12. The homeless people were ___ed up in fetal positions to lessen the effect of the wind and the cold.