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1. Almost any modern electronic portable device needs a ___. (Dispose of it properly.)
4. If you belong to AAA, you can get your car ___ed 200 miles for free.
7. It is terrible to see a healthy person become ___ed on drugs.
8. If your car doesn't start, sometimes all it takes is a ___ of your battery.
12. A successful salesperson has to be a self-___ who is confident and motivated.
13. A movie crew will often go "on ___" if the screenplay calls for scenes in London, New York, or Tokyo.
14. When he said that he loved her and he would never leave her, she ___ed. (She didn't believe him.)
18. The average wait time in an ___ room of a US hospital was one hour in 2006, according to a CDC report.
20. Does a cow ___ its cud with its mouth open or closed?
21. Drug ___s are among the most foul, filthy, and vile people on Earth.


2. After her shoulder surgery, Pat had to take physical therapy to regain the ___ of motion for her arm.
3. The service at the restaurant was so bad that John didn't even ___ to leave a tip.
5. After petroleum is refined, it has to go through various processes before it finally becomes the ___ in our credit cards and telephones.
6. There's a powerful 4.6 liter Northstar V8 engine beneath the ___ of that 2009 Cadillac.
8. Lake Mead in Nevada is a huge ___ created by the Hoover Dam and filled by melting snow from nearby mountain ranges.
9. If you're not going to do a job ___, then don't do it at all.
10. First, plug your toaster into the nearest ___ outlet. Then, put in two slices of bread, push the lever down, and wait for toast to appear.
11. Chips and cracks, even cracks 6 inches long, in your car ___ can be repaired. It isn't necessary to replace the ___.
15. Equifax, Experian, and Transunion are the 3 major consumer ___ reporting agencies in the US.
16. Many people think they can build, set up, or install things without bothering to read the instructions or a ___.
17. Two types of ___s in your car are the speedo___ and the odo___.
19. Some people who have a ___my smile (more upper ___ than teeth) are self-conscious about their smile. (Plastic surgery can fix this problem.)