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1. The ___ coming out of the dashboard vents circulated fresh air throughout the car.
3. ___ seats in a car are expensive and look nice, but they get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. (And eventually they crack.)
5. She sat down in the ergonomic chair. "Boy, this is really ___," she gushed. "I'll buy it."
6. It's a real pleasure to meet someone who rarely ___s or gripes about anything.
7. Many jackets have a ___, or split, down the back or a ___ on each side to allow the jacket to hang better.
9. For sale: "Mattress and box spring, ___ ___, only 6 months old. Must sell."
11. There was a plastic Jesus glued to the ___ of his car. Jesus was looking straight ahead, to see if there was any danger.
14. What smells better than the delicious scent of ___ly baked bread?
15. People who go on ___ ships run the risk of getting contagious diseases.
16. The teapot will ___ when the water starts boiling.


2. President Abraham ___ freed the slaves before he was assassinated in 1865.
4. Many old cars have ___s that are ripped or dirty. (Don't look up.)
8. She asked why he had such a ___ ___. Had his car broken down?
10. "You cannot ___ ___ love you," she said. "Love has to come from my heart."
12. He ___ed his glasses after they slipped down his nose a bit.
13. You can expect to get ___s in your new car shortly after you drive it home from the dealer. (The first ___ is the worst.)