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1. ___, she closely watched the man as he walked around peering into each car in the parking lot.
4. If you read the news ___, you will be able to express your opinion on current events.
6. The tabloids called the ___ between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston the "___ of the Year." (It ended in divorce.)
8. If you are ___ and candid with people, they appreciate your honesty.
9. Put the letter in the ___, put a stamp on the ___, and drop it in the mailbox.
10. Nowadays, thieves are ___ing just about everything, from copper to cars to cactus. (They'd stop ___ing if we started chopping their hands off.)
11. Thieves sometimes steal things for the fun and the ___ of it. (Plus, they get to brag to their friends.)
12. Small sea animals ___ a ride on ships and travel from one continent to another.
13. Grandma got the ___ of her life when grandpa presented her with "second honeymoon" tickets to Hawaii.
14. An even better ___ than blood is the ___ of a kidney that you donate to someone.
15. Some people work so hard that when they marry, they only have time for their wedding. (They have to postpone their ___.)


2. The dad and his two boys were ___ing along the mountain trail when a bear attacked one of the boys.
3. The gymnastics coach said he would jump off the city's highest building if his team lost. ___, he was confident about his team.
5. Clerks ___ ___ say please, thank you, and you're welcome. What happened to such courtesy?
7. He ___d his sister as the head of his estate.
8. August 2008 was a time of great joy and ___ in China as it hosted the Summer Olympics in Beijing.